08 Sep 2017

LOPO Project: Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zone

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It is proud that LOPO gray terracotta facade panel was selected as the Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zones’ exterior decoration, gray is symbolic of stable, elegant synonymous.

The concept of creative Industries were proposed by UK in 1998, in 2004 Shanghai has already forward it as an important pillar of future industrial development. In today’s world, the creative industry is no longer just a concept, but has great economic benefits.The direct reality. The world’s creative economy creates $ 22 billion a day. The dollar is growing a rate of 5%. From 2000 to 2004, the overall growth of the creative economy is twice than traditional service industry, 4 times than traditional manufacture. In United Kingdom, United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries creative industries have become economic development Of the pillar industries added more than 1/5 of GDP. Throughout the world developed a number of developed countries Italian products, marketing, services attract the world’s eye formed a huge wave of creative economy, swept world.
LOPO Project: Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zone

To innovative ideas and advanced technologies such as knowledge and wisdom as the core through a series of ideas. Activity caused production and consumption of value-added for the community to create wealth and provide extensive employment. Opportunity of the industry divided into R & D design creativity, architectural design creativity, cultural media creativity, advice policy creative and fashion creative ideas and other five categories. On this basis will be “advertising, architecture, art,cultural relics, crafts, design, fashion design, film, interactive leisure software, music, performance Art, publishing, software, television broadcasting “and other 13 industries identified as creative industries.20170907B-3

Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zone will accommodate more and more excellent enterprises. Hope all the enterprise will achieve great new ideas in the calm Gray rainscreen systems cladding building. 20170907B-2


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