Classic Project – Beijing Xia Gongfu

Property Description: Xia Gongfu Project, a high-end integrated property with business, hotel and serviced apartments, conference center, high-grade apartment, parking lot and comprehensive supporting facilities. The project is composed of three blocks of E3, E4 and E5 connected from east to west. It is 329.25 meters long from east to west and 117 meters long.. read more →

Beijing Hotel put on orange “fashion”

The second phase of the Beijing Hotel, located on the west side of Wangfujing Commercial Street, completed its debut. Suddenly, the orange ceramic facade added a touch of fashion to the old and bustling “Golden Street”. The second phase of the Beijing Hotel’s redevelopment project is located on the north side of the Beijing Hotel,.. read more →

National Ceramic Application Technology Research Center Settled in LOPO Terraoctta Corporation

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the LOPO Terraoctta Corporation in Fujian that the ceramics applied technology research center of the Chinese ceramics industry has been approved by the China Ceramic Industry Association and settled in LOPO Terracotta Panel enterprise. This is the first ceramic plate, ceramic plate curtain wall, ceramic tile and.. read more →

New website of LOPO Terracotta Corporation

New website of LOPO Terracotta Corporation – Details of LOPO company – Easy to find out the products – Quickly and Clear Visit it now!     read more →

LOPO Clay Wall Bricks Project in China

LOPO developed a lot of new clay wall bricks this year. And some of them have already finished the construction. Now I’m going to show you a red handmade wall brick to be used in a stone company new showroom. This is the background of the stone company. With a evenly aligned construction, the simple.. read more →

LOPO Clay Facing Brick Matt Surface project–Vanke Jinseyuecheng

Vanke Jinseyuecheng Project covers a total area of 344 acres, with a total construction area 1 million square meters. It’s positioning as a new center of high-quality community, incorporating youth research wisdom. It’s located in Xiang’an Fangyang Area, close to the prosperous business district. LOPO clay facing brick is made up of original clay. With.. read more →

LOPO Artificial Brick Tiles Used in the Villa Area Project

The southern suburbs of China Park is a villa area, which covers an area of about 340,000 square meters. It was designed to build 200,000 square meters of the original ecological pure townhouse community. Not only pay attention to the creation of private space, it is ubiquitous operating public space harmonious atmosphere. From the theme.. read more →

LOPO Clay split brick tiles quality = 100 years culture

LOPO clay split brick tiles by special processing technology, to produce extremely beautiful color gradient and surface characteristics which in addition to general ceramic material inherent corrosion resistance, non-deformation, antifreeze, moisture and other excellent properties. The technology combined the basis of Chinese traditional brick technology with modern advanced ceramic production, select variety natural mineral as the.. read more →

Vertical Terracotta Baguettes Installing–Residential Project Banan Linyuxi

esidential Building-Banan Linyuxi is located in Chongqing Yannan Avenue on the 9th (Kane International Light Rail Station)close to metro line 3, back to south mountain natural landscape resources, people be able to enjoy light rail convenient transportation and natural comfortable living. The total construction area of the project is nearly 200,000 square meters, the volume.. read more →

LOPO Ceramic Flooring Thermostatic Integrated System Won 12 National Invention Patents

Cool autumn wind already claimed summer is almost over. Do you get ready for the winter in the northern hemisphere? LOPO application of the thermostatic ceramic flooring integrated system, a total of 12 utility model patents have been authorized. And now we have received the national patent certificate issued, which will bring you a warm.. read more →


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