Key points of terracotta tile inspection

Key points of terracotta tile inspection: * Samples to be inspected must be randomly selected from the bulk production product; * check if any defectives and cracks on the surface; * check if color different from the sealed sample * check whether the side bending and front side flatness (straight and flatness) is within the.. read more →

LOPO International Advanced Terracotta Panel Production Technology and Equipment

LOPO focuses on source and technology, starting from the raw material to package. Put much effort to control the details of each process to ensure that every piece of terracotta panel with high quality. 80,000 square meters of open stockyard with the normal reserve of natural clay raw material amount about 300,000 tons.   The.. read more →

Why Vanke Choose LOPO China as Its Long-term Cooperator?

Vanke, the world’s largest professional residential developers, which was established in 1984, 1988 enter the real estate industry, and become the leading real estate company after 30 years of development. While LOPO was established in 2002, which is producing and supplying terracotta products such as terracotta facade, terracota louver, terracotta baguette  terracotta wall tile, terracotta brick pavers,.. read more →

Terracotta Panel – The Architectural Art Walking Between the Traditional and the Modern

Terracotta panel was born about a million years. In the evolution of human civilization, terracotta and architecture are inextricably linked, from Qin Brick Han Tile to the new building material now under scientific and technological achievements – terracotta panel. The appearance of terracotta panel provides a wide space and rich choice for building creation. Different.. read more →

Unique Advantages of LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen

A terracotta rainscreen systems from LOPO China usually consists of an out terracotta panel, a ventilated cavity and an inner facade. Actually ,this kind of terracotta rainscreen cladding system is pressure equalized, why? Because the joints are open to allow pressure equalization in driving rain conditions to be instantaneous. Pressure inside the cavity is equal to pressure.. read more →

Terracotta Panel – A Revolution in Rainscreen Cladding

The concept of Rainscreen cladding is old, tested and reliable. For many centuries people used this principle without any scientific or systematic procedure. However, with time the process and system, both improved. Before a few decades very few people were aware of rainscreen cladding, today it is a must requirement to maintain the safety and.. read more →

Terracotta Products – for A Classy Veneer

We give a lot of thought to decorating our homes, offices, and businesses. We invest a huge amount in loading it up with fun design pieces, modern furniture, interesting showpieces, artwork, etc. This is because we want our space to look visually pleasing, as well as enhancing the productivity levels of employees so you can.. read more →

Application of Terracotta Panel in Modern Times

Terracotta panel, as the material of hanging curtain wall, first appeared in Europe in 1985. The inspiration came from a European architect who worshiped the earthenware culture of Chinese Terracotta Warriors. The architect transferred the feeling into creation of building material. The unique argil texture and natural color make the architecture look similar to the.. read more →

LOPO Brick Paver – Beautiful and Quality Assurance

After more than 20 years of manufacturing quality clay products, LOPO Terracotta Clay continues its tradition of providing innovative new products to meet the needs of our customers. The LOPO China Clay line of brick pavers are hard, durable, easy to install, low maintenance and long lasting. Natural clay brick is easy to install, low.. read more →

4 Types of Curtain Wall Facades Materials

Before you enter a beautiful and spacious building like museum or hotel lobby, there must be an incredible exterior wall design that catches your eye, right? That is a curtain wall. Obviously, it does not involve the type of curtains you put in your living room, and these fabulous works of art continue to span.. read more →