22 Sep 2017

LOPO Ceramic Flooring Thermostatic Integrated System Won 12 National Invention Patents

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Cool autumn wind already claimed summer is almost over. Do you get ready for the winter in the northern hemisphere?
LOPO application of the thermostatic ceramic flooring integrated system, a total of 12 utility model patents have been authorized. And now we have received the national patent certificate issued, which will bring you a warm comfortably winter.

Since the establishment of the company, LOPO attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, product innovation, and focus on the rights of independent intellectual property protection. Patent access to promote the pace of technological innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. For us, it is both an encouragement and a spur. We will make persistent efforts to firmly grasp the knowledge of product innovation, so that our products will do better. Patent certificate is not only the affirmation of our company’s design staffs , but also proved the strength of the company’s innovation, which proved that the LOPO’s ambition to scientific and technological innovation.
Inventor: Peng Xinghua, Zhang Muxian, Wu Jinyi
Invention patent project
Title: A recirculating thermostatic ceramic flooring integrated system
Design patent certificate
Design Name: Floor Brick (Lin Yun Spring)
Utility model patent certificate
Utility model name: a multi – channel ceramic floor tiles
Utility model name: a double insulation to warm the brick
Utility model name: a kind of effective insulation structure
Utility model name: a kind of insulation and moistureproof substrate shelves
Utility model name: a recyclable thermostatic ceramic flooring
Utility model name: a heat transfer cable installation protection structure
Utility model name: a kind of ceramic tile with insulation and moisture protection function
Utility model name: a kind of effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the bracket structure
Utility model name: a double layer spacing layout of the insulation channel to warm the brick
Utility model name: a cycle of practical temperature ceramic flooring integrated system


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