12 Aug 2016

Terracotta Products – for A Classy Veneer

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We give a lot of thought to decorating our homes, offices, and businesses. We invest a huge amount in loading it up with fun design pieces, modern furniture, interesting showpieces, artwork, etc. This is because we want our space to look visually pleasing, as well as enhancing the productivity levels of employees so you can become the successful business you know you can be. Of course, you can also check out a range of office desks, chairs, and other items of furniture to ensure that your office has everything it needs in order to improve its overall space.

However, most of the time, the wall material itself is left unnoticed. Walls alone can change the look of the entire house and give it a finishing look. Thus, in interior design, wall decoration and wall art are of great importance. When shopping around at retailers that sell products for home improvement and decoration, such as Kohl’s and Home Depot, it’s easy to get to the checkout and spend stacks of cash on your various purchases. However, you could save yourself money by heading to this great site, Raise, prior to your spending spree, where you can find discounts and coupon codes. We at LOPO endeavor to fulfill this vital requirement of homes to have beautiful decorations with a range of innovative products.

The normal colors, textures, stencils, etc. are all part of the wall decor that have been used from the ages now. However, the other substitute recognized and appreciated by the clients, decorators and architects are Clay Thin Brick or Terracotta Wall Tiles. Today, the thin bricks and wall tiles are riding high on the wall decor trend curve. This alternative product range offered by us is available in various sizes and designs and thus, the clients can coordinate and select color themes which will best suit their place.

Clay Thin Brick: Favorite of Designers

For the masses clay thin brick is just a brick with normal height and length but thin width, that looks classy and beautiful. However, designers and architects endorse creating accent walls with either a sleek, contemporary look or a rustic modern vibe and thus, the clay thin brick is their favorite.

The thin bricks range offered by us can enhance the look of any veneer, be it indoor, outdoor or ceiling. Moreover, our products add beauty of genuine brick without adding cost and weight of concrete bricks.

The economic benefits of the clay thin brick offered by us makes it a popular and preferred choice of homeowners:

1. Our products can be prefabricated cost-effectively, the benefits of which are passed to the customers.

2. The range is easy to install, durable and long-lasting.

3. Our range is available in flexible sizes and beautiful variety of different colours and designs.

4. Our products are fire resistant and sound resistant.

5. The range is perfect substitute for wood and aluminum.

Terracotta Wall Tiles: Best alternative to wood

Most countries have a humid climate and thus, wood cannot be used there for wall decorations. Terracotta wall tiles are best alternative in such climate as these tiles control the humidity while giving the rugged look. These tiles offered by LOPO used to beautify and style the walls are also heat and fire resistant. The unmatched range of admirable tiles offered by us give a very sophisticated, graceful and contemporary look to the wall surface. The scratch and stain resistant properties of our products are acknowledged widely.

Terracotta Products: Future of Wall Decoration

A lot of homeowners excitedly appreciate the easy installation, low maintenance and exemplary looks of the terracotta wall decor products. Be it thin bricks or the tiles, terracotta products are being used by most of the architects and interior decorators. This is because of the number of advantages attached with terracotta products, first and foremost being the durability. The products are value-for-money because of easy installation and scratch/heat/fire resistance, which subsequently keep the product intact for a long time.

Secondly, the elegant and exquisite range makes it stand ahead of the curve.

Lastly, with proper care the products may need low or no maintenance.

Owing to the growing popularity and preference of the terracotta products, one can acknowledge that these products are the future of wall decoration.


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