All You Should Know About Terracotta Facades – Industry

In this connection a facade is a building framework for construction. Terracotta facade panels are not naturally made substances but rather are prepared and made into the final item in industries. These are produced using standard clay. That is not enough; these can be made in different shades. These boards, if well dealt with, are.. read more →

Get Ready To Discover the Terracotta Facade Panels application in the projects

The China Science and Technology Training Base for children received the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission during May 2013. It is an investment of 612 million Yuan in content and 498 million Yuan in capacity for building a national major welfare project within the twelfth five-year plan. The China Soong Ching Ling.. read more →


A panel in this relation is a building system for construction. Terracotta panels just like other panels are not naturally occurring substances but are processed and made into the final product in companies. They are made from natural clay. That’s not all they can also be made in various shades. Terracotta Facade Panels , if.. read more →

LOPO’s “Invisible Champion” Road

From a single brick to the national Terracotta Panel Wall Recently, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association and Fujian Quanzhou Ceramic Industrial Park signed the “Ceramic Industry Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement”. On this basis, the country’s first “China Building Sanitary Ceramic Industry Terracotta Panel and Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall Research and Development Center” was settled in.. read more →

Brand Breakout in the New Terracotta Cladding Panels Age

Brand Breakout in the New Terracotta Cladding Panels Age In recent years, the Terracotta Cladding Panels curtain wall has won the traditional wall tiles by virtue of its energy saving, environmental protection, heat preservation and noise reduction. As a new environmentally-friendly building material advocated by the national “Eleventh Five-Year” National Science and Technology Support Program,.. read more →

For an Appealing Exterior of your Building

LOPO Terracotta – For an Appealing Exterior of your Building The setting and design of your building’s exterior are definitely the things your guests are going to take a note of when they visit you. Right from the setting of the garden to the architecture applied and exterior ornament, all these features have a vital.. read more →

When a living item becomes a building, it is creative or wonderful.

With the continuous development of the construction industry, people are no longer limited to the traditional architectural ideas of the past. Designers’ design ideas are becoming more and more open. Design concepts are getting more and more innovative. Architectural design has gradually changed from the most basic housing construction. More creative. However, when these living.. read more →

Classic Project – Beijing Xia Gongfu

Property Description: Xia Gongfu Project, a high-end integrated property with business, hotel and serviced apartments, conference center, high-grade apartment, parking lot and comprehensive supporting facilities. The project is composed of three blocks of E3, E4 and E5 connected from east to west. It is 329.25 meters long from east to west and 117 meters long.. read more →

Beijing Hotel put on orange “fashion”

The second phase of the Beijing Hotel, located on the west side of Wangfujing Commercial Street, completed its debut. Suddenly, the orange ceramic facade added a touch of fashion to the old and bustling “Golden Street”. The second phase of the Beijing Hotel’s redevelopment project is located on the north side of the Beijing Hotel,.. read more →

National Ceramic Application Technology Research Center Settled in LOPO Terraoctta Corporation

A few days ago, the reporter learned from the LOPO Terraoctta Corporation in Fujian that the ceramics applied technology research center of the Chinese ceramics industry has been approved by the China Ceramic Industry Association and settled in LOPO Terracotta Panel enterprise. This is the first ceramic plate, ceramic plate curtain wall, ceramic tile and.. read more →