03 Nov 2021

LOPO TERRACOTTA won the green building material product certification

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Recently, the reporter learned from the Group that the company has obtained the “China Green Building Material Product Certification”, which is also the first green building material product certification certificate in the domestic ceramic board industry.

On the display rack of the ceramic plate exhibition hall of the LOPO TERRACOTTA group, the reporter saw the plaque of “Green Building Material Product Certification”. It is reported that there is also a “China Green Building Material Product Certification Certificate” with the certification scope of “Dry Hanging Hollow Ceramic Plate”.

Chen Lanbo, assistant to the chairman of Group: It should be said that obtaining this certificate, for us, is the industry’s affirmation and encouragement of our green production work.

In recent years, Group has advocated green intelligent manufacturing, green consumption, and green research and development. It has led the drafting of a number of national and industry standards such as “Dry Hanging Hollow Ceramic Plates”, and has dozens of national invention patents and utility model patents. Its leading “LOPO TERRACOTTA” ceramic board is the most new type of functional curtain wall material in the current construction industry. It has the characteristics of green environmental protection, heat preservation, sound insulation, and heat insulation. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

Chen Lanbo, Assistant to the Chairman of the LOPO TERRACOTTA Group: Our company attaches great importance to green production. We start from the source and look for some low-carbon and environmentally friendly raw materials. We invite third-party qualified organizations to test our products, including raw materials, to achieve Green environmental protection standards.

It is understood that this is also another honor for LOPO TERRACOTTA Group after obtaining the green building materials evaluation mark certificate (three-star), China’s green products, and Fujian manufacturing single champion products.

Chen Lanbo, Assistant to the Chairman of the Group: We continue to make persistent efforts. In terms of green innovation and development, we insist on green development and low-carbon development, and make greater contributions to the development of our green environmental protection cause.

LOPO TERRACOTTA won the first green building material product certification in the domestic ceramic board industry