20 Feb 2017

Key points of terracotta tile inspection

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Key points of terracotta tile inspection:
* Samples to be inspected must be randomly selected from the bulk production product;
* check if any defectives and cracks on the surface;
* check if color different from the sealed sample
* check whether the side bending and front side flatness (straight and flatness) is within the allowable range or not;
* check if four sides length, diagonal length, and thickness is within the allowable range or not;
* check the color of whole batch of tiles in 2 meters to see whether big color different or not. Qualified products should be almost no color difference, but not any difference is impossible.
* water absorption rate should be controlled in the national standard, the visual method is to see the water droplets in the brick was absorbed speed and absorption;
* breaking strength in the national standard;
* Whether the packaging (carton, pallet) is secure and whether there is a designated logo



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