28 Oct 2017

LOPO Clay split brick tiles quality = 100 years culture

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LOPO clay split brick tiles by special processing technology, to produce extremely beautiful color gradient and surface characteristics which in addition to general ceramic material inherent corrosion resistance, non-deformation, antifreeze, moisture and other excellent properties. The technology combined the basis of Chinese traditional brick technology with modern advanced ceramic production, select variety natural mineral as the main raw materials. The decoration effect better than ordinary materials like glazed tile, stone brick, some of sedate atmosphere, some of natural and elegant, some of fashionable and some of nostalgic restoring ancient ways.The designer’s mind performance incisively and vividly, can obviously reflect the culture grade of buildings, improve the grade of decoration. Clay split tiles made into dovetail slots with certain depth, enhanced combination with wall greatly, can be easily solve the shortcoming of ceramic tiles peeling.

The colour and lustre is gentle, return to original nature at the same time, the composition of split tiles is very simple, mainly composed of shale, without glaze on the surface.After high temperature, not radioactive, is clean, safe and ideal environmental protection product.It can be fire retardant, withstand wind and rain.

LOPO clay split brick tiles, terracotta tiles

Even if uv rays, they’re never fade after hundreds years. It also has a suction and drainage function, the distribution of the brick in pore can absorb moisture from the outside, brick release moisture during the day, to absorb moisture at night. terracotta tiles’ platoon wet absorption function is helpful to keep the campus environment moist, can avoid the moisture to evaporate rapidly and keep air dry, still can prevent dewing, at the same time, the performance of thermal conductivity of split tiles is unmatched by other materials.Split brick buildings can adjust temperature, to create a more comfortable green ecological cultural environment.

LOPO clay split brick tiles, terracotta tiles

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