17 Jul 2020

A brief knowledge about LOPO terracotta

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Terracotta is earthenware fired which is brownish-red color brick. It is usually used for used in construction for surface embellishment in building construction. Terracotta is widely used for architectural monuments, many ancient sculptures are seen worldwide make use of this material. Sometimes people get confused with clay and terracotta, but there is a difference between them. Clay is the raw material while Terracotta is clay which is already modelled and fired. The reason for its wide usability is it can be easily sculpted into all sorts of shapes and once shaped it is heated at 1000-2000*F. Terracotta has a prominent place in history and used across the globe also continues to be vastly used today.

As it is hard to bake reddish-brown clay they can be used as a building material that doesn’t get damaged easily. One of the finest terracotta can be found at LOPO Corporation, which is mainly engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of . They have two branch factories involved in producing terracotta bricks and also artificial cultural stone for monuments. The main products manufactured are Lopo Terracotta Panels, terracotta façade panels, terracotta wall tile, Floor heating system, and terracotta brick paver so on. Lopo’ terracotta is made of high-quality clay and processed with advanced firing technology. Here the products demonstrate excellent properties and excel in dimensional control like accuracy, surface flatness, consistency, breaking strength, and water absorption.

Lopo China Terracotta is the biggest manufacturer of  and Lopo Terracotta Façade Panel in AsiaThis corporation is considered as a professional manufacturer of Building Terracotta products in Asia which guarantees you in quality of the product. It is considered as one of the best materials for building for the following reasons; they possess properties like fire-resistant, lightweight, mouldable, and also pollution resistant material which can be mass-produced. Terracotta looks good for both indoor and outdoor also they are durable and can last for decades. These are naturally porous so should be professionally sealed to hold up against stain, scratches, and moisture. Terracotta is an excellent material to create a rustic look for a house that creates a beautiful earthy feel environment. These materials need some extra maintenance as used in high-moisture rooms like bathrooms also due to porous it can absorb water easily. 

Lopo can provide terracotta panels with different thicknesses, shapes, profiles and dimensions, structure design, and other requirements. This corporation has obtained CE certification from the European Union and all the technical indicators which are in line with European and American standards. The company has focused on innovation and R&D of terracotta products, today we can find diverse product portfolio under one shelter. The company is considered one of the finest producers of terracotta because they give ideas and explain in detail the material. Customers not only look for good material but also after-sale service, which is best found here. We are one click away to clear all doubts and provide you good service