Terracotta Panel System Becomes A Fashion Statement

Speed of build originally made curtain wall system a contemporary construction choice and the systems continue to rise in popularity as increasingly stylish and natural finishes are launched to market. Although these curtain walls are historically the preserve of premium developments, technology innovations are helping to bring the cost down and make these high quality exteriors accessible.. read more →

Terracotta Panel Facade System Overview

To bring a designer’s goal to fruition, LOPO China team specializes in providing turnkey solutions in both the panel and sunshade systems. Lopo bring us to the table early in the design process will enable us to assist you and create a path for shared success. LOPO China’s wall cladding system provides benefits above and beyond conventional masonry.. read more →

Project Application Instructions of LOPO China Terracotta Facade Panel

Terracotta Facade Panel manufactured by LOPO China is porous structure with light weight and easy installation, it can be installed quickly, but some problem should be pay attention during design and installation. Some terracotta facade panel needs to be cut off on corners and edges during installation and it is difficult to get strait cutting.. read more →

Textured Finishes of LOPO Terracotta Facade Panel

Textured finishes are being increasingly exploited as a design feature in contemporary architecture. In addition to expressive glazed finishes, LOPO Terracotta Panels  can remain quite natural, or be ground or polished based on the individual project requirement. A unique visual effect can be achieved with LOPO textures by profiled grooves on the terracotta panels. This works.. read more →

Why Choose Terracotta Facade Panel for Exterior Wall?

Have you ever wondered why some buildings are clad with terracotta instead of more conventionally used materials? It is not just residential buildings that are given terracotta facade panel for exterior wall decoration; many commercial buildings also feature this unusual material. It is one of the most ancient building materials known to man but it.. read more →

Terracotta Panel Market in The Middle East

Since 2000, the real estate market in the Middle East has been flourishing, supported by the comprehensive factors including high oil price, liquidity surplus and the increase of per capita disposable income. After falling into stagnation under the impact of financial crisis in 2008, the real estate market in the Middle East (especlally the most.. read more →

The Beauty of Architectural Art

An intelligential architecture needs to combine natural landscape and art. Otherwise, even if the appearance is grand, it is only a cold architecture. Elegant, simple, unsophisticated and novel terracotta panel reveals the art in the architecture in realistic way to fill it with artistic sense and anima. The sharp metal plate and cold stone can.. read more →

Introduction About Islamic Building Decoration

Islamic decoration have developed over the centuries and makes great use of geometric patterns. Many of these derived from various earlier cultures: Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Persian, and Central Asian.They are usually distinguished from the arabesque, the term for decoration in Islamic art based on curving and branching vegetal forms. But sometimes foliage and linear geometric patterns.. read more →

Unitized Terracotta Rainscreens

Water is the most significant factor in the premature deterioration of building envelopes. It causes rotting of metals, molding of organic materials, and unintended stresses due to freeze thaw cycling. Three conditions are required to allow water movement through building envelopes: A source of water. A pathway for water to flow. A force to drive.. read more →

Chinese Terracotta Facade Panel Market

Recently ten years has seen China’s economy surging up with a very high speed. Even during the financial crisis in 2008, this emerging economy showed great vitality, mostly due to the infrastructure investment made by Chinese central government and the prosperity of Chinese real estate market. Benefiting from the prosperous construction market, Chinese construction material.. read more →