18 Nov 2017

LOPO Clay Facing Brick Matt Surface project–Vanke Jinseyuecheng

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clay facing brick, terracotta facing brick

Vanke Jinseyuecheng Project covers a total area of 344 acres, with a total construction area 1 million square meters. It’s positioning as a new center of high-quality community, incorporating youth research wisdom. It’s located in Xiang’an Fangyang Area, close to the prosperous business district. LOPO clay facing brick is made up of original clay. With natural color, style simple, elegant, classified by the mixture, composite modification, in the photochemical heterogeneity and curve temperature molding. With good air permeability, frost resistance, no peeling, no radiation, etc., is the ideal exterior decorative materials.
clay facing brick, terracotta facing brick

Matte surface terracotta facing brick is an elevation of plane surface, it’s popular in domestic and aboard market. One of our AU clients, which visited our factory in October, was attract by the surface. LOPO technician department take around 10 days trying out two thickness of client’s customized colors and sizes to meet client’s request. LOPO with the exquisite technology, develop and research meet target market products with clients together.

clay facing brick, terracotta facing brick
Any fambe color, different surface are available, welcome contact us for more details.
clay facing brick, terracotta facing brick

Welcome to visit our website www.lopoterracotta.com for the details.


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