29 Nov 2017

LOPO Clay Wall Bricks Project in China

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LOPO developed a lot of new clay wall bricks this year. And some of them have already finished the construction. Now I’m going to show you a red handmade wall brick to be used in a stone company new showroom.clay wall bricks, clay bricks
This is the background of the stone company. With a evenly aligned construction, the simple bricks produce a very special curved shape wall. The design is according to the mechanics principle.

clay wall bricks, clay bricks
By making full use of the thickness of the clay bricks, designer build a concave-convex wall. Some of the convex are long, some are short. Some are tight, some are loose.

The advantages of the clay bricks.
1. Natural clay material, never fade (even exposure to sunlight)
2. High pressure strength
3. Low water absorption
4. Acid resistance, Anti-corrosion
5. Anti-corrosion, Anti-freezing
6. Cold resistance, Wearable and Fireproof

clay wall bricks, clay bricks
Have you ever seen how perfectly clay bricks match the stone? Even though you see a lot of clay bricks used in this project, the project name is STARARTS STONE. They are doing business about stone design, processing and installation. The project address is Hui’an, Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

LOPO develop new clay tile and brick every year. Welcome to contact me for the new products information and quotation.


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