09 Aug 2017

LOPO Facade Brick Project- Jiadu Kindergarden

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his project is located in Sanhe Yanjiao Jiadu, which is in a nearly 20,000 square meters of large residential communities and very close to Beijing. The construction area is nearly 5500 square meters that can accommodate 540 students. It is a jointly design by US OBRA Architectural and China Architectural Design Group. It will start enroll students from the fall of 2017.

LOPO Facade Brick Project- Jiadu Kindergarden

The main building entrenched in the north of the area, which is a concrete building wrapped by LOPO wall bricks. The building plane can be seen as a section of the arch, facing an activity space which is surrounded by a local trees planted garden. The huge venue between the building and the garden is the soul and focus of the entire basement layout.

The building achieve the ultimate fresh and simple style through a unified facade window size. The homogeneous facade creates a background that contrasts out the open space stair and the platform in series. By the usage of the path between outdoor space and the classroom, it created a very interesting space order. LOPO Facade Brick Project- Jiadu Kindergarden

The huge amount of buildings was reduced to many smaller body blocks, which make people feel less sense of body weight, and the distant public buildings have become cordial at the same time . Children can get a cordial appointment experience in public buildings.

This project was awarded the 2014 AIANY Project Merit and 2014 Kim Swoo Geun Priview and was invited to the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016.

The production for customized design of clay facade bricks is not an easy job. Each brick has to be made by hand after the extrusion work. The special treatment provides people a feeling that the bricks are going through hundreds of years, which is just like the historic knowledge’s Precipitation in the school.

LOPO Facade Brick Project- Jiadu Kindergarden


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