21 Jul 2016

The Main Types of LOPO Terracotta Panel

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As an new design and popular exterior wall material, terracotta rainscreen panel has been widely used in many application. To satisfied with the different requirements of the designers and architects, LOPO designs variety types of terracotta panel and continue to develop more terracotta products. Below is the main types of panel.

Natural Surfaced Panel

How to define being natural? Being natural is a form taken naturally without mechanical or manual processing. LOPO natural plane terracotta panel uses the most artless high pressure to extrude the model that is dried in low temperature and burned in high temperature before eventually formed the foliation as slake and the fissure of granite.

As the classical series among numerous series, plane series raise high auditing standard flatness and detail texture, so a consistent and plat curtain wall plane should be guaranteed. Succinct yet not simple without extra frills, the plane series brings a magnificent and aesthetic vision.

Plain surface terracotta panel

Groove Surfaced Panel

Groove adopt simple artistic designing form. Its rough groove is distinct and does not fall from style and the structured grooved demonstrates a hierarchically distinct panel. Individualistic match adds trendy ad modern sentiment to the groove series and sate individualistic demands by young consumption clusters for now.

As a original language for artistic creation, lines encompass multiple and diversified aesthetic factors. Threadlike lines are extruded regularly with precise technique. Intersected lines help fully improve the outward decoration effects of buildings and enhance the stereoscopic impression of facade, giving people in intense visual impact. Groove Surfaced Panel

Sand Surface Panel

After going through unique grinding process, each Lopo dull polished terracotta panel is made into well-distributed rough surface that forms diffuse reflection on the surface of terracotta panel against the sunlight and maximally enriches a sense of layering to the dull polished terracotta panel. Designs are allowed to have more options and bigger displaying space in designing styles.

Sand Surface Panel

Glazed surface panel

Following the nature of surface, terracotta panels are divided to two glaze panels respectively hair side and glaze side. Lopo glazed panel adopts high-tech surface disposing technology to install unique antisepsis and self-cleaned function in terracotta panel. During rainy days, glazed panels can be cleaned with raindrop to swipe clean the residual soil and make the building sparkles the luminance of beauty.

With its superiorities including strong self-cleaning trait, light weight, high tenacity and simple installation, glazed panel is widely used in buildings in the West and is increasingly favored by domestic designers in the late years.

Glazed Terracotta Panel

Wood Terracotta Panel

Lopo wood grain terracotta panel is fitting to building going after natural , harmonious and artistic effect. With bright lines and distinct images as characteristics, it is life-like, natural, artless, unfading, wear-proof, inflaming-retarding and incorrosive regarding lines on the surface and is an ideal substitute of wood panel.Wood Panel

Light Terracotta Panels

Lopo health home decoration light terracotta panel is a new energy-conservative, environmental and healthy indoors decoration material that draws its materials from natural pure pottery clay that is free from any radiation substance. It is safe, reliable and is equipped with skid resistance, damp proof, sound insulation and noise reduction function. It can maintain tender cluster for a long while and creates and unfading classical beauty.

light terracotta panel

Engrave Panels

LOPO engraving terracotta panel is to engrave artistic drawing to the panels. Traditional Chinese paintings like characters, landscape, flowers and calligraphy convert common terracotta panels to elegant artware and new materials for home decoration through the carrier of terracotta panel, which can display exclusive characteristics of owners, freely arrange any spot at home and decorate the elegant life of furniture.

engrave terracotta panel

3D Inkjet Marble Stone Look Terracotta Panel

LOPO 3D inkjet stone terracotta panel has been worshipped and favored by designers since it was launched to the market. Natural stone texture is natural, solemn and solid, but is limited in colors, difficult to be controlled in terms of chromatic aberration, inferior in environmental conservation and prohibitive in price. LOPO 3D inkjet stone terracotta panel is analogous to the versimilitude effects of natural stones, superior to natural stones in decoration effect and environmental conservation and more privileged in price. It is an ideal substitute of natural stone materials.

3D Inkjet Marble Stone Look Terracotta Panel

For more information about LOPO terracotta panel, please visit https://www.lopoterracotta.com/terracotta-panel/


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