28 Jul 2016

Why LOPO China Can be So Successful In Terracotta Products Industry?

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LOPO launched the comerstone – laying ceremony in Tangshan Industrial District, Guanqiao, Fujian in 2002, which not only opened a new chapter for LOPO to be the largest and most competitive manufacturer of clay tile in China, but also unveiled the new and glorious era for LOPO.In the past decades, LOPO is producing and supplying terracotta products such as terracotta wall tile, pavers, cultured stone from domestic to foreign.

Apr,21,2011, the first terracotta rainscreen panel of LOPO go its star, declaring that the innovation ability of LOPO in terracotta curtain wall is heading towards a higher level. And in Aug.2012, China’s first llychee-shaped terracotta facade with self-cleaning function was produced in Changtai production base on LOPO. Now LOPO has become the largest professional producer for terracotta building products in China.

So why LOPO China can be so successful In terracotta products industry? The answers is as below:

Strong Team: Team is the foundation and core of LOPO company. We have a strong team of management, research & development and service on terracotta products. In 2014, LOPO third sets of terracotta panel production line completed acceptance and began to put into production.

LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen (2)

Commitment: LOPO are committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment. We will put our greatest effort to harmonize our mutual home with green products.

Professional: With a decade of our experience in terracotta, LOPO has been continuously creating and developing to energize our products. In 2012, the world’s first piece of multi-functional ground heating floor paver was produced in Changtai factory of LOPO and successfully applied for the patent. In 2013, LOPO’s floor heating has obtained 12 certificate of state new type practical application patent.

LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen (3)

High Quality: we take trust for quality, LOPO now has created many excellent projects in some major cities with partners such as Vanke and China Resources and so on.

For more information about LOPO China and Terracotta products, please visit www.lopoterracotta.com.


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