Aluminum Terracotta Panel Accessory Fixing Components

Item No.:Fixing Components
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: Standard Size
Usage: Exterior and Interior Wall
CE, ISO9001:2008

Aluminum Terracotta Panel Accessory Fixing Components Specification:

Item No.: Aluminium Terracotta Panel Accessory Fixing Components
Picture:  Fixing materials
Material:  Natural Clay, 100% green material
Size:  120x300x10mm
Length: 250mm-1500mm
Width 150mm-600mm
Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 30mm,
Colors: White, red, yellow, brown, grey etc.
Surface treatment: Natural, plain, matt, strip lines,grooved, glazed, wood grain etc.
Packing: Wooden pallet.
Usage: Exterior and Interior wall
Applying place: Walls of Mall, Railway Station, Apartment, Hospital, University etc.
Certificate: CE, ISO9001:2008
HS Code: 69049000, no need to pay European Anti-Dumping Tax.


LOPO China Technical Specification:

TERRACOTTA PANEL Technical Data Sheet 
NO. Contents (300X600X18MM) Terracotta Panel China N. S. GB/T4100-2006 EN14411 standard
1 Water Absorption 5.4% (II) 6-10% (II) 6-10%
2 Net Weight 31kg/m2 no value no value
3 Breaking Strength 3475N ≥ 900N ≥ 750N
4 Frost Resistance no crack under -60 centigrade tested value of the report tested value of the report
5 Modulus of Rupture avg. 13.1Mpa, min 11.8Mpa Avg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8Mpa Avg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8Mpa
6 Earthquake resistance over 8 degree no value No
7 test under simulated wind load No breakage under 10Kpa no value No
8 sound insulation Noise reduction by over 8dB 7-10dB No
9 Wind pressure 9kPa tested value of the report tested value of the report
10 heat conductivity 0.32 w/m. k no value No
11 Fire resistance leval A1 no value No
12 resistance to acid and alkali Level UA tested value of the report No
13 radioactivity Class-A decorative material no value No
14 Right angle 0.1%- -0.2% within ±1% No
15 Size error 300L: 0.1%- -0.4%600L:   0.2%- -0.5% with in ±2% ,                            max is within ±2mm, No
16 Thickness error within ±4.5% within ±10% No
17 Diagonal line -0.5 ~ +0.2             Max 1.0mm within ±2% No

1 – Never Fade
The Wall Panel of Terracotta made up from high quality natural pure argil, via vacuum high pressure extrusion molding, burn out from high temperature. With low consumption and no radiation, light pollution, never fade and can effectively resist ultraviolet radiation, durable, 100% of the repeatable recycling. It’s environmental protection material choice.

2 – Waterproof & Insulation Sound Noise
The Wall Panel of Terracotta cavity design greatly reduces the materials self weight, reduce building façade structure system load, meanwhile, after high temperature firing, can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient, make ceramic plate with greater intensity, makes its enhanced against the bad weather, the waterproof is admirable.

3 – Anti Fire &Freeze
Advanced technology and equipment, precise cutting, strict calibrated to ensure the product quality and size stability. The Wall Panel of Terracotta has good security anti fire characteristics, anti acid and alkali corrosion resistant, anti scratch and abrasion. Even face supernormal low or high temperatures, it could keep stable.

4 – Rain Self-cleaning
Clay materials content metal very low, do not produce electrostatic, not easy to absorb dust, dirt not easy deposition, via wind and rain could self cleaning.

5 – Simple Natural
The Wall Panel of Terracotta colors is rich, covers the modern architecture mainstream color design requirements. Natural texture and external clay color collect architectures rich artistic style.

6 – Diversity Styles and Sizes
Leiyuan offers a variety styles and sizes for your chosen, its complete sizes through different product combination and cutting to meet designer’s style requirement.

Lopo was found in 2002, began with specializing in clay brick tiles. Now it owns two industrial parks, one is devoted in clay brick and artificial cultured stone, the other one is focusing on terracotta panel and louver. The total area of industrial parks is more than 540 hectare with total investment more than 3 hundred million.
Lopo is equippeed with the international advanced production line, including the longest roller kiln with automatic temperature control in China, the annual output reached 1.5 million square meters.

80,000 square meter open stockyard with the daily reserve of natural clay raw material amounts to 300,000 tons is the foundation of production and imported molding machines of vacuum extrusion from Italian BONGIOUNNI are the guarantee of qualified products. Domestic longest roller kiln (260 meters) with 428 firing units keeps our terracotta panel’s water absorption under 6%, which reaches European standard.

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