Clay Tiles Project in Japan— Marine & Walk Yokohama

The design of the clay tiles for MM21 project is from an old looking idea, which makes the tiles looks centuried. The first testing sample comes from LOPO’s hand-made clay tiles. And with designer’s idea, we developed the clay tiles into the one used in Marine & Walk Yokohama now. Totally there are two thickness.. read more →

Newest Promote Product: Fambe Color Terracotta Louver

Terracotta baguette not only can be widely used exterior wall as terracotta louver, like shopping mall, hotel, airport, schools, office building, hospital and slap-up residential etc, but also can be used interior wall in large space, like office hall, subway,train, bus station, theater, cinema etc. Terracotta sticks can also be ventilated, adumbral requirements made of.. read more →

Variety Fixing Methods for Terracotta Baguettes and Louvers

Terracotta stick is a widely used building material. The applying place is also very wide, which can be used in big shopping center, hotel, airport, school, hospital, office building and exclusive residential area. The terracotta blade can also be used in indoor decoration, such as office labor, subway, bus station, airport, theaters etc. Below is.. read more →

Terracotta Facade Corner Construction Methods

For terracotta facade projects, different elevation structures require different construction methods for corner part. There are 3 common methods as follow. 1.Miter cutting Based on the exterior elevation structure, the edges of each of the two terracotta panels are beveled at different angle to be joined, to form a reasonable and beautiful corner. For conventional.. read more →

Few Features About Terracotta Louver Sunscreen System

If the terracotta louver sunscreen system is engineered according to the latitude of the project, the analysis of the site location, the local climate, the project orientation, and the effect obtained by the curtain wall sunscreen system during different periods over the year depending on the building’s use, then the beneficial effects will be guaranteed. What.. read more →

High Quality Terracotta Panels and Terracotta Louver from LOPO China

A panel in this relation is a building system for construction. Just like other panels, Terracotta panels are not naturally occurring substances. But they are processed and made into the final product in companies. Terracotta Panels are made from 100% eco-friendly natural clay. That’s not all they can also be made in various shades. These.. read more →

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Exterior Louvers

If you want to leave the windows open to facilitate the entry of fresh air from outside that is free of dirt, dust or any other debris, first you should have external louvers. An external louver comprises of from containing a number of blades, which may remain fixed or be moveable. When it comes to.. read more →

Are Terracotta Panels Suit for Public Buildings?

Terracotta panels are made from 100% unpolluted neat and clean terracotta clay, which is extruded to get the desired shape and dried in especially made kilns, working at very high temperatures. The end product is very hard, strong with a soft surface. Terracotta Panels made from clay may be utilized for the purpose of decorating.. read more →

5 Reasons to Choose Terracotta Louvers for Exterior Wall

When building designers have to select material for the exteriors, they have plenty of options to choose from. Since the exteriors give the building personality whilst determining whether it is comfortable to be in or not, this is a very important decision they make since actually. An interesting new trend is the growing use of.. read more →

LOPO Terracotta Will Attend 2015 MosBuild

Dear Friends, It’s a great honor to inform you that we’ll attend 2015 Moscow MosBuild Fair on Apr. 14th – 17th, 2015. By that time, the best selling products –Terracotta Panels & Terracotta Louvers, Clinker Tiles etc. will be shown to the honorable customers . LOPO Corporation has been the most professional manufacture in Asia, which.. read more →