How to Increase the Safety of Using Terracotta Plates on High-Rise Building?

It is very common that having a mesh on the back of stone slate. Because crevices are distributed widely in the natural stone materials and affect the performance of the rock. Rainscreen plates normally do not have such problem. But if damaged by a heavy heating, the panels may broken in several pieces, which will.. read more →

LOPO Project: Qingdao Yucai Junior High School

As we all know, wood grain tile has become the most fashion trends, LOPO in the principle of innovation, pursuit more excellent and rich texture of the terracotta panels, developed wooden like terracotta panels. It brings too architetural designers’ boudless imagination. Qingdao Yucai Junior High School is located in the beautiful golden beach. The total.. read more →

LOPO Project: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University

Project Name: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University Project Name: Terracotta Plate Item No. : F4521634; F4521637 Dimension: 450*900*21mm Total Quantity: 4600m2 Nanchang Senior-Citizen University was formally is located in the scenic Yangming Park. The total area is 1950 square meters. And the area for the elderly to learn the teaching site is 1700 square meters. Equipped.. read more →

Variety Fixing Methods for Terracotta Baguettes and Louvers

Terracotta stick is a widely used building material. The applying place is also very wide, which can be used in big shopping center, hotel, airport, school, hospital, office building and exclusive residential area. The terracotta blade can also be used in indoor decoration, such as office labor, subway, bus station, airport, theaters etc. Below is.. read more →

The Benefits of Terracotta Stair Panels

LOPO is well known by its clay bricks, terracotta panel and louver. Beside these products,LOPO’s stair panels are the new developed product, and they do impress on the market the good reputation of LOPO. The characteristics of LOPO StairTiles l  Soft Color with nature beauty, and never fade make the product looks always the same as before… read more →

New Clay Wall Bricks Updated from LOPO

Compared with thin clay tiles, the hollow clay wall bricks have more advantages in sound and heat insulation, surface design, and the most important is recyclable. Each special surface are from the hard work of our staff. The handmade texture, some is fine and smooth, some is rough, which just shows the natural feeling of.. read more →


PROFESSIONAL The main technicians from LOPO are with a decade of experience in terracotta. We have been continuously creating and developing to energize our products. QUALITY LOPO is dedicating to the quality of our terracotta panel and louvers, which is also the principle of our life. LOPO take trust for quality, now has created many.. read more →


LOPO may all customers, all hard working workers a Happy 2017 and wish we are going to work together in the new year!   We are committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment. We will put our greatest effort to harmonize our mutual home.. read more →

Classical LOPO Red Terracotta Wall Tile Project – Hamburg Museum

Project: Germany Hamburg Museum in Shanghai World Expo Time: 2008 Product Item: SD670/KW670/SD870/KD63/KWS6375 Product Size: 220x105x52mm Hamburg Museum is a peculiar building, does not require air conditioning and heating, while it was able to keep the indoor seasons 25 degrees Celsius constant temperature, the building’s external energy consumption is only 10% of ordinary houses. The red terracotta wall tile building, about 18 meters.. read more →

LOPO New Online 3D Inkjet Terracotta Panel

LOPO 3D Inkjet terracotta panel has been worshipped and favored by designers since it was lunched to the market, Natural stone texture is natural, solemn and solid, but is limited by color, limited in colors, difficult to be controlled in terms of chromatic aberration, inferior in environmental conservation and prohibitive in price. LOPO 3D inkjet stone terracotta.. read more →