LOPO Project: Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zone

It is proud that LOPO gray terracotta facade panel was selected as the Fuzhou Creative Industrial Zones’ exterior decoration, gray is symbolic of stable, elegant synonymous. The concept of creative Industries were proposed by UK in 1998, in 2004 Shanghai has already forward it as an important pillar of future industrial development. In today’s world,.. read more →

How to Install Clay Brick Tiles?

1. Prepare Wall for Tile Clean the wall, and make sure it is smooth and clean without Dust and debris, so as to make it easy to glue to properly bond. Then, Mark lines on the wall, so as to make sure the tiles are all level. The grout spacer is normally 3/8” and 1/2”… read more →

LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Project: Nanhu No. 1 Commercial and Residential Complex

Nanhu No.1 located in Changsha city, Hunan province. Gross floor area 112,328.50sqm. It’s Changsha’s first fashion, international, design real estate,formed by A, B, C three fashion buildings, set top apartments, bustiling business, private clubs in one. The foreign living museum defined the fifth generation theme business. The 1st generation is small department stores, the 2nd.. read more →

LOPO Facade Brick Project- Jiadu Kindergarden

his project is located in Sanhe Yanjiao Jiadu, which is in a nearly 20,000 square meters of large residential communities and very close to Beijing. The construction area is nearly 5500 square meters that can accommodate 540 students. It is a jointly design by US OBRA Architectural and China Architectural Design Group. It will start.. read more →

How to keep Terracotta Panel cleaning?

Vanke Meixi County is located in the core area of Meixi Lake Area of Changsha, orientation in the new urban center of Changsha Hexi future, rich in landscape resources. In this project, was used beige terracotta panel, has been installed and used more than 5 years. Owners tend to pay attention on how to clean,.. read more →

The Advantages of 3D Inkjet Printing Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding

By using the industry’s latest research and development of 3D inkjet printing technology, LOPO is able to produce the 3D inkjet printing terracotta rainscreen cladding. Compared with the ordinary terracotta panels, the biggest difference is the unique artistic effect. Inkjet printing technology can create the effect of three-dimensional printing. The texture will be no longer monotonous.. read more →

LOPO project—Changsha Normal University use terracotta architectural panels

hangsha Normal University belongs to public colleges, the school history can be traced back to 1912 by the famous educator Xu Te Li founded the Changsha County Normal School, It was formally upgrade from college to university in April 2013, named Changsha Normal University. The school has two campuses with south and north, the area.. read more →

LOPO Project — Zhoushan City National Fitness Center

March 22 morning, Zhoushan City National Fitness Center officially opened. Director of the Sports Bureau of Zhoushan City Du Zhili, Zhoushan Cultural and television press bureau (Sports Bureau) Director Wang Jun Tao attended the opening ceremony.Zhoushan City National Fitness Center is located in Dinghai District Donghai East Road, which is the core area of Dinghai District. Before.. read more →

The range application of Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall

1.      Exterior Curtain Wall Terracotta curtain wall is a non-transparent,similar to stone curtain wall. As terracotta panel is a natural environmental protection material, with no radiation, rich color, natural surface texture,classical and simple, noise reduction, and improve the use of the building economy and comfort characteristics, terracotta curtain wall are all used more and more in.. read more →

Lopo Developed A New Production Method For Terracotta Louvers To Be Covered On A Arc Wall Surface

We all know that terracotta panel can be used in arc structure building. But the traditional installation was affected by the radius of the arc. Because people use the flat surface panels to cover on the arc wall. When the radius is more than 3 meter, Installation direction can be either vertical or horizontal. Adjust.. read more →