18 May 2018

National Ceramic Application Technology Research Center Settled in LOPO Terraoctta Corporation

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A few days ago, the reporter learned from the LOPO Terraoctta Corporation in Fujian that the ceramics applied technology research center of the Chinese ceramics industry has been approved by the China Ceramic Industry Association and settled in LOPO Terracotta Panel enterprise. This is the first ceramic plate, ceramic plate curtain wall, ceramic tile and component in the domestic ceramic plate industry. Applied technology research in one integrated research center.

LOPO Terracotta is currently the largest domestic ceramic plate manufacturer with the most advanced technology and the most abundant product specifications. Its brand “LOPO” ceramic plate has been favored by many architects, designers, curtain wall companies and real estate developers. It has been exported to dozens of countries and regions and is widely used in hospitals, archives, city exhibition halls, schools, hotels, and villas. , moving stations and so on. The landmark projects include the 100-year school of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub Project, Tianjin University, and the Fujian Provincial Archives.

At present, LOPO Terracotta has provincial-level technology centers, Fujian Provincial Building Ceramics Research Center, LOPO Terracotta Business School and other platforms. The R&D team are senior professionals in the industry, with rich experience, strong research and development and management capabilities, leading drafting and development of ceramic industry standards and national standards, and editing and publishing the only reference book for the Chinese ceramics industry, the revolution of ceramic building. Sex development. In the past ten years, LOPO Terracotta Panel companies have been maintaining leading positions in the research and development of ceramics, product design and R&D expenditures among domestic counterparts. The company’s research and innovation achievements have yielded fruitful results. Many scientific and technological achievements have been awarded by the Ministry of State Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Province. The appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Department won the third prize of the Fujian Science and Technology Progress Award, the invention patent award and many other honors, and was repeatedly commended and rewarded by the relevant departments of the province and city.

LOPO Terracotta has always been committed to R&D and design, construction, service, and production in the ceramics industry, and has actively participated in the competition in domestic and overseas markets. After the establishment of the Ceramics Applied Technology Research Center in the Chinese ceramics industry, it will give full play to the existing leading edge of Huatai to solve the common problems in the R&D, design, and application of China’s ceramic plate industry, guide the ceramic plate industry in technological innovation, and bring into play technological innovation and public services. The main role and demonstration role of the field serves the national ceramic industry and makes greater contribution to the high-quality development of the ceramic industry.National Ceramic Application Technology Research Center Settled in LOPO Terraoctta Corporation in Fujian