LOPO project—Changsha Normal University use terracotta architectural panels

hangsha Normal University belongs to public colleges, the school history can be traced back to 1912 by the famous educator Xu Te Li founded the Changsha County Normal School, It was formally upgrade from college to university in April 2013, named Changsha Normal University. The school has two campuses with south and north, the area.. read more →

LOPO Project — Zhoushan City National Fitness Center

March 22 morning, Zhoushan City National Fitness Center officially opened. Director of the Sports Bureau of Zhoushan City Du Zhili, Zhoushan Cultural and television press bureau (Sports Bureau) Director Wang Jun Tao attended the opening ceremony.Zhoushan City National Fitness Center is located in Dinghai District Donghai East Road, which is the core area of Dinghai District. Before.. read more →

The range application of Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall

1.      Exterior Curtain Wall Terracotta curtain wall is a non-transparent,similar to stone curtain wall. As terracotta panel is a natural environmental protection material, with no radiation, rich color, natural surface texture,classical and simple, noise reduction, and improve the use of the building economy and comfort characteristics, terracotta curtain wall are all used more and more in.. read more →

Lopo Developed A New Production Method For Terracotta Louvers To Be Covered On A Arc Wall Surface

We all know that terracotta panel can be used in arc structure building. But the traditional installation was affected by the radius of the arc. Because people use the flat surface panels to cover on the arc wall. When the radius is more than 3 meter, Installation direction can be either vertical or horizontal. Adjust.. read more →

LOPO Commercial Building Project: Hongyun Honghe Group Office Building

Eco-green products, easy maintain after installing is the simple pursue for many commercial buildings, It’s our great honor that Hongyun Honghe Group building office choose LOPO terracotta panel. Dark grey colors brings people solemn feelings. As an eco-green product, can effectively improve the indoor temperatures in summer, eliminating the thermal bridge effect and save energy.. read more →

Clay Tiles Project in Japan— Marine & Walk Yokohama

The design of the clay tiles for MM21 project is from an old looking idea, which makes the tiles looks centuried. The first testing sample comes from LOPO’s hand-made clay tiles. And with designer’s idea, we developed the clay tiles into the one used in Marine & Walk Yokohama now. Totally there are two thickness.. read more →

Newest Promote Product: Fambe Color Terracotta Louver

Terracotta baguette not only can be widely used exterior wall as terracotta louver, like shopping mall, hotel, airport, schools, office building, hospital and slap-up residential etc, but also can be used interior wall in large space, like office hall, subway,train, bus station, theater, cinema etc. Terracotta sticks can also be ventilated, adumbral requirements made of.. read more →

How to Increase the Safety of Using Terracotta Plates on High-Rise Building?

It is very common that having a mesh on the back of stone slate. Because crevices are distributed widely in the natural stone materials and affect the performance of the rock. Rainscreen plates normally do not have such problem. But if damaged by a heavy heating, the panels may broken in several pieces, which will.. read more →

LOPO Project: Qingdao Yucai Junior High School

As we all know, wood grain tile has become the most fashion trends, LOPO in the principle of innovation, pursuit more excellent and rich texture of the terracotta panels, developed wooden like terracotta panels. It brings too architetural designers’ boudless imagination. Qingdao Yucai Junior High School is located in the beautiful golden beach. The total.. read more →

LOPO Project: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University

Project Name: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University Project Name: Terracotta Plate Item No. : F4521634; F4521637 Dimension: 450*900*21mm Total Quantity: 4600m2 Nanchang Senior-Citizen University was formally is located in the scenic Yangming Park. The total area is 1950 square meters. And the area for the elderly to learn the teaching site is 1700 square meters. Equipped.. read more →