LOPO Terracotta Panel Apply in Education Buildings

As the leader of terracotta panel manufacturer in China, LOPO is committed not only to the development of our company but also the responsibility of our society and environment. Now our products has been widely used in many application. Today, we would like to share some application projects of Education buildings. Jinjiang No.1 Middle School.. read more →

LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding Project – Shandong Weihai North Station

Project: Weihai North Station Location: Ring Road, Huanhui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province Rainsreen Cladding Model No.: F3022632 F3018632 Size: 300x900x22mm 300x900x18mm Weihai North Station transportation hub planning construction area of about 64,000 square meters, of which long-distance passenger floor of about 19,000 square meters, public transportation, rental, social vehicle parking area of about 25,000.. read more →

Why LOPO China Can be So Successful In Terracotta Products Industry?

LOPO launched the comerstone – laying ceremony in Tangshan Industrial District, Guanqiao, Fujian in 2002, which not only opened a new chapter for LOPO to be the largest and most competitive manufacturer of clay tile in China, but also unveiled the new and glorious era for LOPO.In the past decades, LOPO is producing and supplying.. read more →

The Main Types of LOPO Terracotta Panel

As an new design and popular exterior wall material, terracotta rainscreen panel has been widely used in many application. To satisfied with the different requirements of the designers and architects, LOPO designs variety types of terracotta panel and continue to develop more terracotta products. Below is the main types of LOPO terracotta panel. Natural Surfaced.. read more →

The Perfect Deduction of Terracotta rainscreen and Terracotta Baguette—The National Fitness Center, Zhoushan

Project: National Fitness Center, Zhoushan (2016) Location: Zhejiang,China Designed by Meihua Construction Group Product: Terracotta Rainscreen, Terracotta baguette QTY: Terracotta rainscreen 10000 SQM As a newly risen landmark in Zhoushan, Zhejiang in 2016, the National Fitness Center is the most large scale modern comprehensive stadium, a collection of sport events, fitness, entertainment, shopping and exhibition… read more →

What Should You Know About LOPO Terracotta Panel and Terracotta Baguette

Over recent years, planners’ desires for increasingly customized facade wall cladding solutions have become extremely apparent. To fulfill these desires, the maximum size of the LOPO China has been increased. Many building-specific customized solutions have been created and diverse tile surfaces with three-dimensional structures have already been manufactured. Furthermore, shading or design elements made from.. read more →

18mm Terracotta Wall Panel System Helps Reduced Weight of Wall Area

LOPO China offer many variety thickness of terracotta panel, such as 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 30mm, 45mm, 50mm etc. 18mm Lightweight terracotta wall panel system has excellent durability, reduced weight per unit area. What’s more , a secure “clip and hold” affixing system make 18mm terracotta panel ideal for new construction as well as retrofit and.. read more →

LOPO Artificial Brick – The Oriental Elegance of Interior Decoration

Originated from America, Artificial stone is quite fashionable in the worldwide nowadays. It has formed a very rich product series after nearly half century’s development. But most of classical artificial stone are used in interior decoration are go with strong western style, whether the rough sanding surface cultured stone or the natural surface artificial brick… read more →

Terracotta Paver—Beautiful Architectural Decoration Material for the Ground

Terracotta Clay brick paver has been used for paving for a long history, it firstly appeared on the street of Europe since the 19th century. After the development of over 1 hundred years, clay paver has been recognized as the best building material for paving by the architects and designers with below features. 1. High.. read more →

LOPO Terracotta Wall Panel Applied In Villa Projects

As an environmentally-friendly exterior wall material, terracotta wall panel has been widely used in large public buildings (government buildings, hospital, library, school, parking lot etc.) and high-end commercial buildings(apartment, shopping mall, office building etc.). In these large projects, wall facade terracotta panel acts as an important exterior wall element that, through its surface texture, color.. read more →