LOPO Terracotta Wall Panel Applied In Villa Projects

As an environmentally-friendly exterior wall material, terracotta wall panel has been widely used in large public buildings (government buildings, hospital, library, school, parking lot etc.) and high-end commercial buildings(apartment, shopping mall, office building etc.). In these large projects, wall facade terracotta panel acts as an important exterior wall element that, through its surface texture, color.. read more →

LOPO Always Pursue New Terracotta Design for Building Exterior.

As you may know, all the architects are always looking for new materials and technologies to make their projects standout in terms of design, aesthetics and functionality. The type of products available and an architects’ knowledge about its uses will have a direct influence in the design stage of a project. Terracotta facade wall cladding panels.. read more →

The Classification of Lopo China Terracotta Facade Panel

Most of clients from LOPO China knows that the top manufacturer for wall panel and www.lopoterracotta.com have the normally challenge about what is the classification from the wall panel. Frankly speaking, the kinds with the Terracotta Wall Panel can be mainly divided into two kinds that are interior panel and exterior cladding panels. The interior.. read more →

Terracotta Panel Past and Present

Terracotta panel curtain originated from Germany’s famous roof tile manufacturer Von Mueller Dachprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, their engineers Thomas Herzog Professor envisaged in the 1980s, roof tile application to the wall, eventually according to terracotta installation method, invented a clay plate and curtain hanging system for the exterior walls. Von Mueller in Görlitz set up a.. read more →

Reasons Why The Products From LOPO China Could Be Largely Welcomed By Their Clients Worldwide

May 04, 2014- China- Why the Terracotta Panel and Tile from LOPO China could be followed by most of purchaser and related distributor home and  abroad? This kind of hot selling situation could be largely summed up in their environmental friendly materials, easy to be cleaned, high performance and other factors. Today, this article from official.. read more →

Why Choose LOPO China When It Comes to Terracotta Products.

Since terracotta can easily deteriorate with the passing time, many companies have decided to replace this material when it comes to different kinds of production line. Its ability to reach a certain shape, before being transformed with a particular chemical procedure, is what makes terracotta so special for numerous individuals. Even though it is not.. read more →

LOPO China Reveals Important Elements Need To Consider While Buying Terracotta Panels, Bricks & Tiles

LOPO China is a leading Terracotta Panel Manufacturer, which now brings important insight to help choosing the best wall decorating objects such as terracotta panels, bricks and tiles. Fujian, China, February 15, 2014 – The Chinese manufacturer of high quality terracotta panels, tiles and bricks now reveals the important considerations that one needs to take into.. read more →

Which factors people need to take into account in the purchasing process of the Terracotta Panel

www.terracotta-panel.com Professional manufacturer for Terracotta Panel: www.terracotta-panel.com December 17, 2013 – China – The purchasing of people for Wall Panel should not just www.terracotta-panel.com care for the popular trend of the products. However, the quality for these wall decoration objects is also very important. The using for high-quality Terracotta Wall Panel could let the construction.. read more →

LOPO China—the best solution for Terracotta Wall Panel decoration

Best supplier for Terracotta Wall Panel: www.lopoterracotta.com October 31, 2013-China-The LOPO China has devoted into the manufacturing for Terracotta Wall Facade Panels with the concept of environmental protection and innovation for many years. Their research and development for Terracotta Wall Panel is very and effective. With their advantage of location, talent, great financial strength and.. read more →

Wall panel from LOPO China-the best selection

Wall panel from LOPO China-the best selection for people who want to decorate their home with high end style Top grade manufacturer for wall panel: www.lopoterracotta.com October 29, 2013-China- LOPO China is the most professional China Terracotta Wall Panel manufacturer. During the past years’ development, their products have been sold all over the world. The.. read more →