Key points of terracotta tile inspection

Key points of terracotta tile inspection: * Samples to be inspected must be randomly selected from the bulk production product; * check if any defectives and cracks on the surface; * check if color different from the sealed sample * check whether the side bending and front side flatness (straight and flatness) is within the.. read more →

How Does LOPO Terracotta Tile Show Its Beautiful?

LOPO creates unique terracotta tile products for flooring that made of 100% eco-friendly natural clay material. There are variety kinds of design for customer’s choice, such as natural flat, restored, zephyr, matte, frosted, handmade, special shape etc, and customized design is also highly welcome. Since these types of brick are not manufactured anymore there is.. read more →

The Textures of LOPO Terracotta Brick Tile

LOPO Terracotta Tile has been used as a primary building material all over the world. It is one of the leading cladding materials used in residential and commercial structures. LOPO terracotta tile take excellent clay as the raw materials, and is formed by vacuum extrusion and fired by tunnel kiln. It is featured in good color.. read more →

LOPO Terracotta Will Attend 2015 MosBuild

Dear Friends, It’s a great honor to inform you that we’ll attend 2015 Moscow MosBuild Fair on Apr. 14th – 17th, 2015. By that time, the best selling products –Terracotta Panels & Terracotta Louvers, Clinker Tiles etc. will be shown to the honorable customers . LOPO Corporation has been the most professional manufacture in Asia, which.. read more →

Terracotta Panel System Becomes A Fashion Statement

Speed of build originally made curtain wall system a contemporary construction choice and the systems continue to rise in popularity as increasingly stylish and natural finishes are launched to market. Although these curtain walls are historically the preserve of premium developments, technology innovations are helping to bring the cost down and make these high quality exteriors accessible.. read more →

Why Choose LOPO China When It Comes to Terracotta Products.

Since terracotta can easily deteriorate with the passing time, many companies have decided to replace this material when it comes to different kinds of production line. Its ability to reach a certain shape, before being transformed with a particular chemical procedure, is what makes terracotta so special for numerous individuals. Even though it is not.. read more →

LOPO China Reveals Important Elements Need To Consider While Buying Terracotta Panels, Bricks & Tiles

LOPO China is a leading Terracotta Panel Manufacturer, which now brings important insight to help choosing the best wall decorating objects such as terracotta panels, bricks and tiles. Fujian, China, February 15, 2014 – The Chinese manufacturer of high quality terracotta panels, tiles and bricks now reveals the important considerations that one needs to take into.. read more →

Important elements concerning the Terracotta panel

The LOPO China name stands mainly for high quality products beneath the type of terracotta panels having a dry brick aspect. It’s worthless to talk about how essential the exterior wall fa�ade is for your home and for some other variety of constructing. Designs in architectural buildings have evolved considerably throughout the course of years,.. read more →

Which factors people need to take into account in the purchasing process of the Terracotta Panel Professional manufacturer for Terracotta Panel: December 17, 2013 – China – The purchasing of people for Wall Panel should not just care for the popular trend of the products. However, the quality for these wall decoration objects is also very important. The using for high-quality Terracotta Wall Panel could let the construction.. read more →

Welcome to 114th Canton Fair(Booth No.:9.2L28)

We are glad to inform you that we Leiyuan Industrial Co.,Ltd. will attend the 114th China Import and Export Fair during October 15 to October 19, 2013 at Pazhou exhibition. This time, our company will show the Terracotta Products(Terracotta Panels & Terracotta Louver for wall cladding, Terracotta Tile & Brick), Cultured Stone, Porcelain Mosaic Tile.. read more →