LOPO Terracotta Baguette Project – Xiamen University Shengnuo Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals

Xiamen University Shengnuo Research Institute of Nonferrous Metals Products: Terracotta Baguette Item No.: T408569 Size: 40x85mm Xiamen University Shengnuo Research Institute of Nonferrous Mmetals is located at Siming Road, Siming District of Xiamen City. It was donated by the Fujian Shengnuo Group, while Xiamen university provide land for construction. Xiamen University Shengnuo Nonferrous Metal Research Institute is mainly.. read more →

Terracotta Products – for A Classy Veneer

We give a lot of thoughts in decorating our home and office and invest a huge amount in loading it up with furniture, showpieces, artwork etc. However, most of the times the walls are left unnoticed. Walls alone can change the look of the entire house and give it a finishing look. Thus, in interior.. read more →

Why LOPO China Can be So Successful In Terracotta Products Industry?

LOPO launched the comerstone – laying ceremony in Tangshan Industrial District, Guanqiao, Fujian in 2002, which not only opened a new chapter for LOPO to be the largest and most competitive manufacturer of clay tile in China, but also unveiled the new and glorious era for LOPO.In the past decades, LOPO is producing and supplying.. read more →

LOPO Terracotta Will Attend 2015 MosBuild

Dear Friends, It’s a great honor to inform you that we’ll attend 2015 Moscow MosBuild Fair on Apr. 14th – 17th, 2015. By that time, the best selling products –Terracotta Panels & Terracotta Louvers, Clinker Tiles etc. will be shown to the honorable customers . LOPO Corporation has been the most professional manufacture in Asia, which.. read more →

LOPO Get Newest CE Certificates From ECM

As a leading manufacturer of conscturction materials like terracotta panel, clay tiles and artificial stone in china, LOPO China has been the leader for terracotta industry in china after just three to four years’ development. The reason why LOPO can reach such great achievements is that the company is very market-oriented and aggressive in mark exploration.. read more →

Terracotta Panel Past and Present

Terracotta panel curtain originated from Germany’s famous roof tile manufacturer Von Mueller Dachprodukte GmbH & Co. KG, their engineers Thomas Herzog Professor envisaged in the 1980s, roof tile application to the wall, eventually according to terracotta installation method, invented a clay plate and curtain hanging system for the exterior walls. Von Mueller in Görlitz set up a.. read more →

Daily Using Of The Floor Heating System Has Many Attentively Points And Methods

For each new personal floor heating system user, the main problem for them should be the properly using method for this in their daily life of winter. Now, this article which original from website of famous LOPO China and floor heating system supplier LOPO China will tech each people the basically knowledge about this. When.. read more →

Reasons Why The Products From LOPO China Could Be Largely Welcomed By Their Clients Worldwide

May 04, 2014- China- Why the Terracotta Panel and Tile from LOPO China could be followed by most of purchaser and related distributor home and  abroad? This kind of hot selling situation could be largely summed up in their environmental friendly materials, easy to be cleaned, high performance and other factors. Today, this article from official.. read more →

LOPO Ranks NO.1 in Chinese Terracotta Panel Market in 2013

LOPO announced today it has reached a remarkable result in its terracotta panel business in China region for Year 2013. LOPO announced today it has reached a remarkable result in its terracotta panel business in China region for Year 2013, with 250,000 square meters of terracotta panel and 150,000 square meters of terracotta louver in.. read more →

What’s the Advantages of LOPO China Terracotta Panels?

Established in 2002, LOPO China become one of the most professional manufacturer of terracotta products. In April.21,2011, the first terracotta panel of LOPO got its start, declaring that the innovation ability of LOPO in terracotta curtain wall is heading towards a higher level. What’s the advantages of LOPO China Terracotta Panels? 1. Never Fade. It is made from.. read more →