How to keep Terracotta Panel cleaning?

Vanke Meixi County is located in the core area of Meixi Lake Area of Changsha, orientation in the new urban center of Changsha Hexi future, rich in landscape resources. In this project, was used beige terracotta panel, has been installed and used more than 5 years. Owners tend to pay attention on how to clean,.. read more →

The range application of Terracotta Panel Curtain Wall

1.      Exterior Curtain Wall Terracotta curtain wall is a non-transparent,similar to stone curtain wall. As terracotta panel is a natural environmental protection material, with no radiation, rich color, natural surface texture,classical and simple, noise reduction, and improve the use of the building economy and comfort characteristics, terracotta curtain wall are all used more and more in.. read more →

Lopo Developed A New Production Method For Terracotta Louvers To Be Covered On A Arc Wall Surface

We all know that terracotta panel can be used in arc structure building. But the traditional installation was affected by the radius of the arc. Because people use the flat surface panels to cover on the arc wall. When the radius is more than 3 meter, Installation direction can be either vertical or horizontal. Adjust.. read more →

LOPO Project: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University

Project Name: Nanchang Senior-Citizen University University Project Name: Terracotta Plate Item No. : F4521634; F4521637 Dimension: 450*900*21mm Total Quantity: 4600m2 Nanchang Senior-Citizen University was formally is located in the scenic Yangming Park. The total area is 1950 square meters. And the area for the elderly to learn the teaching site is 1700 square meters. Equipped.. read more →


PROFESSIONAL The main technicians from LOPO are with a decade of experience in terracotta. We have been continuously creating and developing to energize our products. QUALITY LOPO is dedicating to the quality of our terracotta panel and louvers, which is also the principle of our life. LOPO take trust for quality, now has created many.. read more →

LOPO Updates CE Certificate for Terracotta Products Recently

Recently LOPO Terracotta Products Corporation Limited updates the newest CE Certificates approved by ISET S.R.L(ISTITUTO SERVIZI EUROPEI TECNOLOGICI) and verified to EN14411:2012 Standard. The certificate No. is IT011430LP160912S. The accepted test products including Terracotta Panel, Terracotta Baguette, Terracotta Brick, Terracotta Tile. This certificate can be checked for validity at LOPO is devote to put.. read more →

Terracotta Rainscreen Project – Hangzhou Daming Government Building

Hangzhou Daming Government Building Products: Terracotta Rainscreen Panel Item No.: F5030238 Size: 500x1000x30mm An intelligential architecture needs to combine natural landscape and art. Otherwise, even if the appearance is grand, it is only a cold architecture. Elegant, simple, unsophisticated and novel terracotta panel reveals the art in the architecture in realistic way to fill it with artistic sense.. read more →

Terracotta Panel – The Architectural Art Walking Between the Traditional and the Modern

Terracotta panel was born about a million years. In the evolution of human civilization, terracotta and architecture are inextricably linked, from Qin Brick Han Tile to the new building material now under scientific and technological achievements – terracotta panel. The appearance of terracotta panel provides a wide space and rich choice for building creation. Different.. read more →

Why LOPO China Can be So Successful In Terracotta Products Industry?

LOPO launched the comerstone – laying ceremony in Tangshan Industrial District, Guanqiao, Fujian in 2002, which not only opened a new chapter for LOPO to be the largest and most competitive manufacturer of clay tile in China, but also unveiled the new and glorious era for LOPO.In the past decades, LOPO is producing and supplying.. read more →

Application of Terracotta Panel in Modern Times

Terracotta panel, as the material of hanging curtain wall, first appeared in Europe in 1985. The inspiration came from a European architect who worshiped the earthenware culture of Chinese Terracotta Warriors. The architect transferred the feeling into creation of building material. The unique argil texture and natural color make the architecture look similar to the.. read more →