LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Apply in Business Buildings

As a unique and advanced rainscreen system, terracotta ventilated facade system is widely used as a exterior wall facade decoration materials in recent years. Since terracotta rainscreen panel is made of natural terracotta clay materials, and it has rich color and surface design available, many architects and designers office building and business center prefer to.. read more →

Why Vanke Choose LOPO China as Its Long-term Cooperator?

Vanke, the world’s largest professional residential developers, which was established in 1984, 1988 enter the real estate industry, and become the leading real estate company after 30 years of development. While LOPO was established in 2002, which is producing and supplying terracotta products such as terracotta facade, terracota louver, terracotta baguette  terracotta wall tile, terracotta brick pavers,.. read more →

Terracotta Facade Corner Construction Methods

For terracotta facade projects, different elevation structures require different construction methods for corner part. There are 3 common methods as follow. 1.Miter cutting Based on the exterior elevation structure, the edges of each of the two terracotta panels are beveled at different angle to be joined, to form a reasonable and beautiful corner. For conventional.. read more →

The Leading Terracotta Panel Manufacturer in Domestic Market – LOPO China

At present, there are more than 25 Terracotta Facade Panel manufacturers from all over the world, which is including not only well-known companies like NBK, MOEDING, ARGETON etc., but also emerging companies from CHINA, Vietnam. LOPO, a leading manufacturer in domestic market, has a remarkable comprehensive strength among those new stars. How does LOPO China.. read more →

Introduction About LOPO Wood-Grain Series Terracotta Panels

Since its inception, Terracotta Panel has become the buildings’ exterior wall cladding material loved by a great number of architects, by means of its environment-friendliness and strong sense of design. In order to realize designers’ unconstrained, bold and creative concept and promote terracotta panels to be flexibly and creatively applied in the construction industry, terracotta.. read more →

LOPO China Terracotta Facade Panel – Glazed Series

With the development of firing techniques and mixing methods, glazing process used to be utilized on brick or ceramic tile has been applied on terracotta facade panels. Celebrated companies in terracotta facade industry all develop their own glazing facade series, such as NBK TERRART ® glazes, moelding ALPHATON ® glazes. Through sophisticated mixing methods, unlimited range of.. read more →

Chinese Terracotta Facade Panel Market

Recently ten years has seen China’s economy surging up with a very high speed. Even during the financial crisis in 2008, this emerging economy showed great vitality, mostly due to the infrastructure investment made by Chinese central government and the prosperity of Chinese real estate market. Benefiting from the prosperous construction market, Chinese construction material.. read more →

What’s the Advantages of LOPO China Terracotta Panels?

Established in 2002, LOPO China become one of the most professional manufacturer of terracotta products. In April.21,2011, the first terracotta panel of LOPO got its start, declaring that the innovation ability of LOPO in terracotta curtain wall is heading towards a higher level. What’s the advantages of LOPO China Terracotta Panels? 1. Never Fade. It is made from.. read more →

Terracotta Baguette Manufactured by LOPO China.

LOPO China Terracotta Baguette is terracotta pipes with square, circular or oblong cross-sections, which can also be made as curved elements or as double baguettes/coffer element on request. This flexible product is mainly used to cover window areas or for an “open” facade. LOPO China Terracotta Baguette terracotta elements are always produced individually for each.. read more →

The Advantages of LOPO China Terracotta Panel.

As you know, terracotta facade panels is a memeber of the curtain wall system. It has usually been consisted by the cross feed or horizontal and vertical material plus the Terracotta panel. In addition to the basic characteristics of conventional glass, stone and aluminum curtain wall. The Terracotta Stick and Terracotta Louver have also had the.. read more →