How Does LOPO Terracotta Tile Show Its Beautiful?

LOPO creates unique terracotta tile products for flooring that made of 100% eco-friendly natural clay material. There are variety kinds of design for customer’s choice, such as natural flat, restored, zephyr, matte, frosted, handmade, special shape etc, and customized design is also highly welcome. Since these types of brick are not manufactured anymore there is.. read more →

The Textures of LOPO Terracotta Brick Tile

LOPO Terracotta Tile has been used as a primary building material all over the world. It is one of the leading cladding materials used in residential and commercial structures. LOPO terracotta tile take excellent clay as the raw materials, and is formed by vacuum extrusion and fired by tunnel kiln. It is featured in good color.. read more →

How To Better Install And Pave The High Quality Floor Heating System?

May 04, 2014-China-Today, the Floor Heating System should be the basic configuration of the high quality home decorate projects. However, because of its complicated structure, the installation of this sort of heating system should be challenge of each home decoration company. Now, the editor from famous China Terracotta Tile and Floor Heating System supplier LOPO.. read more →

Looking for Terracotta Panel? –Choose LOPO China.

With its texture and appearance, terracotta panel is an popular alternative wall cladding material which can contribute to creating aesthetically pleasing architecture. Terracotta panel system adopts an open dry-hanging method of installation which helps to protect the structure from inclement weather and air pollution. It  can also prevent the accumulation of dirt, thus maintaining the.. read more →

LOPO China Will Attend 2014 COVERINGS Trade Show.(Booth No.6151)

Exhibition: 2014 COVERINGS Trade Show Date: April, 29 – May, 2, 2014 Place: Las Vegas Convention Center Booth No.: 6151 We are glad to inform you that we LOPO China will attend 2014 COVERINGS Trade Show together with China Newstar Company during April, 29 – May, 2, 2014. During this time, we will show LOPO Terracotta Panel, Terracotta Louver&.. read more →

Why Choose LOPO China When It Comes to Terracotta Products.

Since terracotta can easily deteriorate with the passing time, many companies have decided to replace this material when it comes to different kinds of production line. Its ability to reach a certain shape, before being transformed with a particular chemical procedure, is what makes terracotta so special for numerous individuals. Even though it is not.. read more →