Vertical Terracotta Baguettes Installing–Residential Project Banan Linyuxi

esidential Building-Banan Linyuxi is located in Chongqing Yannan Avenue on the 9th (Kane International Light Rail Station)close to metro line 3, back to south mountain natural landscape resources, people be able to enjoy light rail convenient transportation and natural comfortable living. The total construction area of the project is nearly 200,000 square meters, the volume.. read more →

LOPO Project: Qingdao Yucai Junior High School

As we all know, wood grain tile has become the most fashion trends, LOPO in the principle of innovation, pursuit more excellent and rich texture of the terracotta panels, developed wooden like terracotta panels. It brings too architetural designers’ boudless imagination. Qingdao Yucai Junior High School is located in the beautiful golden beach. The total.. read more →

The Perfect Deduction of Terracotta rainscreen and Terracotta Baguette—The National Fitness Center, Zhoushan

Project: National Fitness Center, Zhoushan (2016) Location: Zhejiang,China Designed by Meihua Construction Group Product: Terracotta Rainscreen, Terracotta baguette QTY: Terracotta rainscreen 10000 SQM As a newly risen landmark in Zhoushan, Zhejiang in 2016, the National Fitness Center is the most large scale modern comprehensive stadium, a collection of sport events, fitness, entertainment, shopping and exhibition… read more →

What Should You Know About LOPO Terracotta Panel and Terracotta Baguette

Over recent years, planners’ desires for increasingly customized facade wall cladding solutions have become extremely apparent. To fulfill these desires, the maximum size of the LOPO China has been increased. Many building-specific customized solutions have been created and diverse tile surfaces with three-dimensional structures have already been manufactured. Furthermore, shading or design elements made from.. read more →

Newest LOPO Terracotta Facade Panel And Baguette Project In Russia

Project Name: School Lokomotiv, Russia Location: Yaroslavl LOPO Product: Terracotta Facade Panel and Terracotta Baguette Item No.: F401970 Qty.: 3000sqm Item No.:T505070 Qty.: 600m Year: 2015 Located in Yaroslavl Russia, School Lokomotiv Construction will be completed soon in the near future. LOPO participated in the finishing and decoration of the interior walls of the school building.. read more →

Terracotta Baguette from LOPO China

Terracotta baguette, also called terracotta louver, sunscreen baguette, is a special terracotta facade elements. This kind of terracotta building materials have become increasingly appealing to architects with the widely use of terracotta facade cladding. Terracotta sunscreen baguette offers an excellent combination of both functionality and aesthetic appeal as shading and design elements. Terracotta baguette is usually.. read more →

What You Should Know About Terracotta?

Terracotta is a clay-type material that is baked and used in a variety of applications. The term terracotta can relate to either its orange-red coloring or mean baked earth in Italian. The actual source can have an impact on its color. European sourced terracotta is an orange-brown color and in Mexico it comes with more.. read more →

The Beauty of Terracotta Baguette Manufactured by LOPO China

LOPO terracotta Baguette and Louver has wide range of pipe forms with square, oblong, triangle circular cross-sections. This series product is of great functions in decorations and sun protection which is mainly applying in window areas, parapets and balcony etc. The most commonly used size is 50*50mm, but LOPO China is capable of provding customized.. read more →

Terracotta Baguette and Louver From LOPO China

In addition to the terracotta panel cladding system, LOPO China also offers sunscreen devices as a part of the terracotta product line. Our team provides engineered solutions for the utilization of baguettes and louvers as part of your facade design. Also formed using extrusion technology, baguettes and louvers are available in standard sizes but can also be.. read more →

Terracotta Baguette Manufactured by LOPO China.

LOPO China Terracotta Baguette is terracotta pipes with square, circular or oblong cross-sections, which can also be made as curved elements or as double baguettes/coffer element on request. This flexible product is mainly used to cover window areas or for an “open” facade. LOPO China Terracotta Baguette terracotta elements are always produced individually for each.. read more →