A Rising Star In Architectural Facade Cladding Area – Terracotta Panel

Glass, natural stone, aluminum panel are the most common materials in architectural facade cladding projects application. However, debuted in the late 1980s, terracotta panel is like a rising star in this area. What are the comparable strengths of Terracotta Panel? Green and Environmental Friendly Terracotta panels’ raw material is 100% natural clay, and the terracotta.. read more →

Chinese Terracotta Facade Panel Market

Recently ten years has seen China’s economy surging up with a very high speed. Even during the financial crisis in 2008, this emerging economy showed great vitality, mostly due to the infrastructure investment made by Chinese central government and the prosperity of Chinese real estate market. Benefiting from the prosperous construction market, Chinese construction material.. read more →

Customers’ voice to LOPO CHINA

Hi, welcome to lopoterracotta.com, LOPO China Corporation is the most professional manufacturer of Terracotta Wall Facade Panels in Asia, also supply Terracotta Louver, Terracotta Wall Tiles and Terracotta. contact now, Email: alan@lopoterracotta.com   Many thanks for the excellent products and professional service from lopoterracotta.com. As a purchaser manager, I feel very lucky to find a.. read more →

How To Better Install And Pave The High Quality Floor Heating System?

May 04, 2014-China-Today, the Floor Heating System should be the basic configuration of the high quality home decorate projects. However, because of its complicated structure, the installation of this sort of heating system should be challenge of each home decoration company. Now, the editor from famous China Terracotta Tile and Floor Heating System supplier LOPO.. read more →

An Introduction to Architectural Terracotta.

Several persons know that terracotta is a product based on clay, which is carved or molded into a precise form ahead of currently being dried, glazed and fired. This was  after a quite popular materials for factors and cladding, bu since then it has been replaced with numerous other components, which are considerably less very.. read more →