Terracotta Paver—Beautiful Architectural Decoration Material for the Ground

Terracotta Clay brick paver has been used for paving for a long history, it firstly appeared on the street of Europe since the 19th century. After the development of over 1 hundred years, clay paver has been recognized as the best building material for paving by the architects and designers with below features. 1. High.. read more →

Best Exterior and Interior Wall Decoration Material – Faux Brick Veneer

Faux brick veneer also called artificial cultured brick, or manufactured stone cladding. It has many characteristics such as light weight, rich color & shapes and easy to imitate other building material’s finishes. Faux brick veneer was born in America at the end of last century fifty’s and now it has been a main stream of exterior.. read more →

LOPO Always Pursue New Terracotta Design for Building Exterior.

As you may know, all the architects are always looking for new materials and technologies to make their projects standout in terms of design, aesthetics and functionality. The type of products available and an architects’ knowledge about its uses will have a direct influence in the design stage of a project. Terracotta facade wall cladding panels.. read more →

How Does LOPO Terracotta Tile Show Its Beautiful?

LOPO creates unique terracotta tile products for flooring that made of 100% eco-friendly natural clay material. There are variety kinds of design for customer’s choice, such as natural flat, restored, zephyr, matte, frosted, handmade, special shape etc, and customized design is also highly welcome. Since these types of brick are not manufactured anymore there is.. read more →

The Textures of LOPO Terracotta Brick Tile

LOPO Terracotta Tile has been used as a primary building material all over the world. It is one of the leading cladding materials used in residential and commercial structures. LOPO terracotta tile take excellent clay as the raw materials, and is formed by vacuum extrusion and fired by tunnel kiln. It is featured in good color.. read more →

Common Damaging Factors About Terracotta Surfaces

Human beings has been deriving the benefits of using terracotta for various applications in a long time, and now many architects and designers have successfully exploited the helpful characteristics of terracotta, like a smooth surface and the richness of earthy shades, to their benefit. Besides the inbuilt tonal variations provided by the items made using.. read more →

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Exterior Louvers

If you want to leave the windows open to facilitate the entry of fresh air from outside that is free of dirt, dust or any other debris, first you should have external louvers. An external louver comprises of from containing a number of blades, which may remain fixed or be moveable. When it comes to.. read more →

LOPO Terracotta Panel Perfectly Combinates Tradition and Modernization

Terracotta panels are made from 100% natural clay. Before the clay materials are extruded into shape, they are processed very carefully . After that, they are dried under very high temperature by using special equipment kilning imported from Italy. This process makes terracotta facade panels harder and more durable, so that they can maintain a.. read more →

The Leading Terracotta Panel Manufacturer in Domestic Market – LOPO China

At present, there are more than 25 Terracotta Facade Panel manufacturers from all over the world, which is including not only well-known companies like NBK, MOEDING, ARGETON etc., but also emerging companies from CHINA, Vietnam. LOPO, a leading manufacturer in domestic market, has a remarkable comprehensive strength among those new stars. How does LOPO China.. read more →

LOPO Terracotta Will Attend 2015 MosBuild

Dear Friends, It’s a great honor to inform you that we’ll attend 2015 Moscow MosBuild Fair on Apr. 14th – 17th, 2015. By that time, the best selling products –Terracotta Panels & Terracotta Louvers, Clinker Tiles etc. will be shown to the honorable customers . LOPO Corporation has been the most professional manufacture in Asia, which.. read more →