LOPO Terracotta Rainscreen Cladding Project – Shandong Weihai North Station

Project: Weihai North Station Location: Ring Road, Huanhui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province Rainsreen Cladding Model No.: F3022632 F3018632 Size: 300x900x22mm 300x900x18mm Weihai North Station transportation hub planning construction area of about 64,000 square meters, of which long-distance passenger floor of about 19,000 square meters, public transportation, rental, social vehicle parking area of about 25,000.. read more →

LOPO Brick Paver – Beautiful and Quality Assurance

After more than 20 years of manufacturing quality clay products, LOPO Terracotta Clay continues its tradition of providing innovative new products to meet the needs of our customers. The LOPO China Clay line of brick pavers are hard, durable, easy to install, low maintenance and long lasting. Natural clay brick is easy to install, low.. read more →

Chinese Clay Split Brick Exports to South Korea Will Be Decrease To Zero Tarrifs

According to CCTV news reports, China and South Korea, China and Australia Free Trade Agreement came into effect from December 20, the first tariff reduction started simultaneously. ① China imports from South Korea will be 44% of the products with zero tariffs, including electronics, chemicals, minerals, etc. ② China imports from Australia will be 85.4%.. read more →

New Online – LOPO Terracotta Stair Treads and Risers

Although stair tread is merely a small branch of floor tile products, it plays more important roles in architectures’s beauty and harmony than ordinary floor tiles, and it is also required to be more durable and safer than ordinary ones. Compared to ceramic or marble stair treads, terracotta stair tread has lasting charm although being.. read more →

Terracotta Baguette from LOPO China

Terracotta baguette, also called terracotta louver, sunscreen baguette, is a special terracotta facade elements. This kind of terracotta building materials have become increasingly appealing to architects with the widely use of terracotta facade cladding. Terracotta sunscreen baguette offers an excellent combination of both functionality and aesthetic appeal as shading and design elements. Terracotta baguette is usually.. read more →

Terracotta Facade Panels from LOPO China

The terracotta façade curtain wall system from LOPO China makes the beauty of terracotta façade panels available at an attractive cost. Terracotta panel owns excellent durability, reduced weight per unit area, and a secure “clip and hold” affixing system, which makes terracotta panel ideal for new construction as well as retrofit and re-clad applications. Terracotta.. read more →

High Quality Terracotta Panels and Terracotta Louver from LOPO China

A panel in this relation is a building system for construction. Just like other panels, Terracotta panels are not naturally occurring substances. But they are processed and made into the final product in companies. Terracotta Panels are made from 100% eco-friendly natural clay. That’s not all they can also be made in various shades. These.. read more →

How Does LOPO China Produce Terracotta Panel?

    1. Select raw material, choose the best quality clay. After the clay is sifted and coarse broken,stale the clay for six months. During this time, turn the clay over again and again to dry it to appropriate moisture and particles;           2. Transport the raw material to indoor warehouses, and.. read more →

Terracotta Panel System Becomes A Fashion Statement

Speed of build originally made curtain wall system a contemporary construction choice and the systems continue to rise in popularity as increasingly stylish and natural finishes are launched to market. Although these curtain walls are historically the preserve of premium developments, technology innovations are helping to bring the cost down and make these high quality exteriors accessible.. read more →

The Beauty of Terracotta Baguette Manufactured by LOPO China

LOPO terracotta Baguette and Louver has wide range of pipe forms with square, oblong, triangle circular cross-sections. This series product is of great functions in decorations and sun protection which is mainly applying in window areas, parapets and balcony etc. The most commonly used size is 50*50mm, but LOPO China is capable of provding customized.. read more →