LOPO Terracotta Floor Heating System Gets 12 Patents

LOPO China is awarded 12 new patents of terracotta floor heating system recently by State Intellectual Property Office of The P.R.C. The patents are including 1 patent for invention, 1 patent for design and 10 patents for utility model. LOPO has unconventionally combined the terracotta floor tile with heating system to create a brand new.. read more →

The Classification of Lopo China Terracotta Facade Panel

Most of clients from LOPO China knows that the top manufacturer for wall panel and www.lopoterracotta.com have the normally challenge about what is the classification from the wall panel. Frankly speaking, the kinds with the Terracotta Wall Panel can be mainly divided into two kinds that are interior panel and exterior cladding panels. The interior.. read more →

Daily Using Of The Floor Heating System Has Many Attentively Points And Methods

For each new personal floor heating system user, the main problem for them should be the properly using method for this in their daily life of winter. Now, this article which original from website of famous LOPO China and floor heating system supplier LOPO China will tech each people the basically knowledge about this. When.. read more →

How To Better Install And Pave The High Quality Floor Heating System?

May 04, 2014-China-Today, the Floor Heating System should be the basic configuration of the high quality home decorate projects. However, because of its complicated structure, the installation of this sort of heating system should be challenge of each home decoration company. Now, the editor from famous China Terracotta Tile and Floor Heating System supplier LOPO.. read more →

The mainly classification of the commonly used Terracotta Wall Panel

The interior wall panel includes the horizontal wall panel, vertical wall panel and partition panel which are three kinds. The horizontal wall panel and vertical wall panel are the weigh bearing wallboard and the partition wall panel is the nonbearing wall plate. However, the interior Terracotta wall panel should have the function of sound insulation.. read more →


LOPO China unveil its groundbreaking product in The 8th International Indoor Heating System Technology and Products Exhibition. LOPO China clay floor heating system is a worldwide initiative involving 12 excellent features and PCT inventive patent which start a new episode in this industry. LOPO China clay floor heating system is your best option of warming.. read more →